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Lots of people work in the events industry, ranging from the dedicated professional whose full time job is to plan events, to the occasional planner who is asked to take on events as an additional facet of their job.  No matter who is in charge, however, every event has the same expectations: event goals must be achieved.  The event must have the look, feel and functionality that the paying client envisioned.  And as we all know, events happen in real time; we only get one shot to get it right. 

The Event Leadership Institute was created with this backdrop in mind.  Regardless of the experience level of the planner, we want to help you get it right by giving you the training and knowledge you need. 

Our mission is:

  • To provide progressive training, education, insights, thought leadership and best practices for the many facets of the special event industry, across all experience levels.
  • To provide a large portion of this content online, on-demand, with no pre-conditions.

Our vision is:

  • To become the leading provider of event education.
  • To be a catalyst in helping to raise the overall level of knowledge for event planners, and thereby empower them to create better, more cost-effective events.

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