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  • Title:Ideation Methodology & Brainstorming Techniques
  • Category:Creativity and Design
  • Level:All
  • Instructor:Bryan Mattimore
  • Length:60 min
  • Posted:11/26/2016
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Creative industries live and die by how well they create new ideas and actively innovate, and events are no different. Clients in the experiential events industry are constantly demanding new, better and unique ideas for themes, activities, and audience experiences.

Despite popular thinking, however, the traditional models for brainstorming have been proven not to be the most effective in creating the greatest number of high quality ideas. This session will explore the ideation process, examine what works and what doesn't, and dive into a number of proven techniques used by top experts to cultivate strong ideas.


Learning Outcomes

    1. Define best practices, as well as what does not work, when it comes to idea generation.
    2. Evaluate options from a toolkit of empirically-validated idea generation techniques for creating big ideas on an on-going basis.
    3. Build ideas and conduct group creativity sessions effectively and powerfully.
    4. Compare real world case studies that demonstrate and reinforce the effectiveness of these techniques.

Table of Contents


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