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June 27 | PCMA Education Conference, St. Louis, MO

Free or Fee? Using Event Content as a Marketing Tool
Information is so readily available online that it’s impossible for your organization not to consider giving away content as part of your marketing strategy. How do you find the balance between leveraging your event brand to reach new audiences and potentially de-valuing your content?  This session will help you determine when sharing content is strategically beneficial to your organization.

After this Session You'll Be Able To:

  • Evaluate the pros and cons of distributing event content for free vs. paid
  • Explain how price impacts the perceived value of content, and identify ways to address this challenge
  • Apply best practices for deploying content on a free or paid model

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August 22 | The Future of Events, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How Skill-Mapping, Micro-Learning & Digital Credentials Will Transform How We Hire, and Get Hired

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