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The world of live event production is expanding at a huge rate. What started as simply “planning” has evolved into management, production, creative, direction, strategy, design and a dozen other roles. This webinar will look at the current Event & Meeting Management landscape and identify the roles within it, where they are changing, and what industries you can expect to excel in. It will analyze critical areas of industry disruption and let you navigate quickly to the positions you will love. 

Learning Outcomes; 

  • Establish roles producers play in the live event world. 
  • See where disruption is altering the responsibilities of practitioners. 
  • Gain a big picture perspective of industry segments people are producing in.

Date: April 21, 2017
Time: 3:00pm Eastern
Location: Online
Panelist: Kevin White, Founder & Chief Strategist, XPL
Cost: FREE!




Your AHA moment is just around the corner as BizBash Live: Florida returns to the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center on Thursday, May 4, delivering a day packed with discovery, exploration, and collaboration. From the Event Innovation Forum to the Workshop Series, Exhibit Floor, and so much more, there are endless opportunities to discover your next big idea, the perfect partners, or even your newest client.

Don’t miss the Event Innovation Forum where industry powerhouses from Facebook, Mirrorball, IMG/Miami Open, Pérez Art Museum Miami, and III Points Festival will uncover their ideas, tricks, strategies, and secrets on everything from event design to immersive experiences, multicultural marketing, technology, nonprofits, and other hot topics.

Also experience the Workshop Series (featuring interactive sessions with industry innovators, and a new Spanish-language session), Food for Thought Luncheon, the Exhibit Floor (showcasing hundreds of fresh ideas and resources), and so much more (including CSEP and CPCE credits for education, a special trends report from the BizBash editors, Hispanic education, a revised schedule, and co-curated content).

Only the All Access Pass let's you experience everything at BizBash Live. Register today with the code ELI17 for 15% off your pass.




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