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March 21 | 9 am EST | NYC | Technical Meeting & Event Production: Hands-On Intensive Course

Instructor: Brand Krueger

This one-day intensive course will offer a hands-on experience covering audio (microphones, speakers, sound systems & acoustics), projectors & display screens, lighting, video, staging, run of show and production documents, teleprompters, who’s who in the production booth, configuring slide decks, what’s involved in “calling a show.” Breakfast and lunch will be provided for attendees. Click here for more info.

March 27 | 6 pm EST | NYC | The New Spin on Event Marketing: How Luxury Marketers are Making Event More Experiential, Intimate and Memorable hosted by the Luxury Marketing Council

Speakers: Howard Givner, Executive Director, Event Leadership Institute, Jill Heiser, Director, Lifestyle Marketing, Pernod Richard; Robert W. Hulsmeyer, Senior Partner, Empire Force Events; Thomas Serrano, President, Havas Luxe Events

With the disappearance of what the media called “the aspirational/symbolic buyer” (folks with household incomes of $150,000 – $300,000), luxury marketers have focused on winning greater share of wallet, loyalty and referral from “best customers,” (those with liquid portfolios of $1 million or more).

The Luxury Marketing Council research shows that a big part of luxury brands’ investments in the marketing mix has shifted to bespoke special events: more memorable, more intimate, more educational/experiential.

As the disparity between the “haves” and the “have-nots” continues to widen, “flash and cash” events are giving way to a more tempered, less extravagant approach.

Given “the rise of connoisseurship” and “the hunger to know” (why the best is the best and worth a premium price) luxury marketers are finding bespoke, experiential events are the way to go.

Join us for an exploration of how luxury brands are, with a special emphasis on collaborations and partnerships, re-engineering their event strategies.

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