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How Much Do You Know About Event Planning?

Producing a conference, meeting or social event that runs smoothly, sticks to the timeline and successfully executes everything from registration, stage production, through load-out out requires a detail oriented event professional who is a mastermind at logistics. Adding to the pressure, today’s practitioners are expected to incorporate creative food and beverage, branding elements, event apps and basic AV technology. It’s easy to see how the role of event planner is ranked among the most stressful jobs! Can you seamlessly orchestrate all these moving parts to produce your client’s vision? Up to the challenge? Take the quiz here.

May 25 | BizBash LIVE: The Expo, South Florida

Delivering a Budget to Impress Your Client, Team, and Boss

A strong budget is one of the most important tools in a planner’s arsenal, yet most event organizers struggle to master this crucial skill. In this workshop, Howard Givner, founder and executive director at the Event Leadership Institute, will share important budgeting techniques to ensure your events stay on track. Learn tips on tracking various expenditures, deciphering between fixed and variable costs, creating formulas, and designing comprehensive layouts. In addition, he’ll also discuss how to calculate the difference—in dollars and percentages— between the current year and prior year as well as the actual budget and the projected budget.  Click here to register.

June 12 | MPI World Education Congress, Atlantic City, NJ

Flipped Classrooms, Micro-Learning, Digital Credentials & More:
Innovations In Education and Their Impact on Meetings

The skyrocketing cost of a college education, coupled with student debt levels greater than all credit card debt, has created a perfect storm for innovation and disruption in the education space. New technologies and models of learning hold the promise of increased attendee engagement and content retention, delivered in ever more cost-effective means.

The heavy lifting, of course, is knowing which concepts work in which types of meetings, and why. Flipped learning, for example, where participants learn concepts through online videos prior to coming to a class or session, offers dramatically better learner outcomes, but only under certain circumstances.

We’ll explore a variety of innovations in learning and content delivery, and discuss the types of meetings each works best in, and why. We’ll identify ways to use micro-learning to extend the shelf life of an annual event, and analyze how to make online content delivery "sticky."  And we’ll analyze ways to help attendees apply the concepts they learned at your meeting when they get back to the office, and how to combat the "forgetting curve."

This session will help you stay abreast of these developments, and empower you to determine which ones should be implemented in your meetings to foster greater engagement, learning, and retention. Click here to lregister.

June 13 | MPI World Education Congress, Atlantic City, NJ

Negotiating with Venues

For most meetings and events, the venue represents the biggest expense item, and is often the most negotiable. Yet venue sales managers are usually far better trained in negotiation than planners.

In this session, we’ll start by defining value as the confluence of what you pay and what you get in return, as this opens up a huge area of negotiating value outside of price. You’ll leave empowered with strategies and tactics to negotiate the best possible deal for your event, including things a venue can provide that may have significant value to you, but may cost the venue very little, and things you can offer that provide value to the venue, but cost you little.

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June 27 | PCMA Education Conference, St. Louis, MO

Free or Fee? Using Event Content as a Marketing Tool
Information is so readily available online that it’s impossible for your organization not to consider giving away content as part of your marketing strategy. How do you find the balance between leveraging your event brand to reach new audiences and potentially de-valuing your content?  This session will help you determine when sharing content is strategically beneficial to your organization.

After this Session You'll Be Able To:

  • Evaluate the pros and cons of distributing event content for free vs. paid
  • Explain how price impacts the perceived value of content, and identify ways to address this challenge
  • Apply best practices for deploying content on a free or paid model

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August 22 | The Future of Events, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How Skill-Mapping, Micro-Learning & Digital Credentials Will Transform How We Hire, and Get Hired

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