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2017 Forecast: Disruptions Facing the Events & Meetings Industry

Presentation by Howard Givner
MPI Washington State Chapter
January 24, 2017

The meetings and events industry is at a major inflection point, amplified by a new President likely to usher in more change. What are the key technological developments that present opportunities and challenges? What security issues pose a threat? How should industry professionals deal with the fallout from ethically controversial state laws that may be passed? From drones to live streaming, data integration to virtual reality, gun laws to anti-LGBT regulations, this session will examine the potential forces of disruption to the industry, and the threats and opportunities they may present.


  1. Identify and explain key technological developments with the potential to impact the meetings industry.
  2. Describe the ramifications to controversial (and possibly discriminatory) state or local legislation, and ways to protect and mitigate these effects on your events.
  3. Define potential security threats to meetings, and evaluate possible responses.
  4. Examine the impact of a potential economic recession, and describe ways to protect your event and your job in a down economy.

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