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  • Title:Producing A Halftime Show: Behind the Scenes at the Orange Bowl
  • Category:Planning & Logistics
  • Level:All
  • Instructor:Bruce Orosz
  • Length:15 min
  • Posted:6/3/2013
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Ever wonder what it takes to create a half-time show for a major sporting event? Join Bruce Orosz, CEO of ACT Productions for an exclusive behind the scenes look at planning and producing The Orange Bowl at Sun Life Stadium in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Discover the many moving parts brought together to construct the framework for this carefully choreographed show.  How do you engage a live audience of up to 80,000 people while still satisfying the needs of TV viewers at home? What do you do when ESPN suddenly asks you to fill 10 seconds of airtime? From managing A-list entertainment, field staff and crew, dancers, pyrotechnics, national TV producers, and sponsors seeking air-time a live sporting event, Bruce shares his thoughts on logistics, staffing and creativity required to produce this annual sporting event.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Find out what does it takes logistically to put on a sporting event.
    2. Learn how the intricacies of meeting audience engagement needs for a live and televised event.
    3. Gain perspective on managing talent both on and off the field.
    4. Better understand the role of staff and capabilities needed to produce a major sporting event.

Table of Contents

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Producing A Halftime Show: Behind the Scenes at the Orange Bowl 15 min
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Ballroom vs. Ball field 2:48
Understanding Stakeholder Needs 1:53
Working With Talent On and Off the Field 2:08
What to Look For in Staff 2:29

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