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  • Title:Business Trends in Event Design
  • Category:Creativity and Design
  • Level:Advanced
  • Instructor:Howard Givner
  • Length:18 pages
  • Posted:4/9/2012
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With the explosion of idea-sharing from Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and blogs, clients now routinely come to event companies and designers with pictures from other events that they want you to use.  How do you charge for your ideas when you're not creating them anymore?  How do you add design creativity to an event when many clients only budget for "event essentials"?  These questions and others were the subject of a recent industry roundtable, and the resulting analysis is presented in this white paper. 

Special thanks to Pink Powered by Moss for sponsoring the roundtable, as well as this white paper, and enabling it to be available for free. 

Learning Outcomes

    1. Learn how to add value to a client who comes to you with pictures of ideas from other events, and how to charge for that value.
    2. Identify ways to have a creative impact on events when a client will only pay for "event essentials".
    3. Understand the lag time between pop culture and live events, and why it's been steadily shrinking.
    4. Learn how to embrace the new 'sharing culture' among clients, and use it to your advantage.

Table of Contents

Business Trends in Event Design
Business Trends in Event Design White Paper 18 pages

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