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  • Title:The Palette of Creativity
  • Category:Canadian Special Events Live Events
  • Level:All
  • Length:45 mins
  • Posted:3/30/2018
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Recorded on location at Canadian Special Events Live in Toronto, Canada.

Presented by Chad Brincheski, ESP Inc. and Eric Aragon, Aragon Cruz Design

The opportunity to create visuals and share them both before and after an event has never been bigger due to our social media obsessed world. The hard truth is; If you are not telling stories you are not relevant. Visual storytelling is as old as time; from cavemen drawing on cave walls to communications on ancient ruins, people have been using images to share messages and convey thoughts forever. Today, we see visual storytelling being used as a business tool in everything from movie making to the music industry to advertising and especially live events. This session explores the proven methodology behind creating a powerful story and the most effective ways to get that story out there. 

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Code Blue - What to Do When Seconds Count 45:00

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