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  • Title:Career Insights: Danielle Bobish of Curtain Up Events
  • Category:Careers
  • Level:All
  • Instructor:Career Insights
  • Length:10:35
  • Posted:3/5/2015
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Danielle Bobish says she offers her clients a calming presence which goes a long way, especially for brides. She talks about the importance of using lawyers and finance professionals when starting a business and how paying for the right person from the beginning will save you money in the long run. She offers recommendations on starting your portfolio and showcasing your best work which could be pictures of an event or happy clients and things that make you stand out and show the bigger picture.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Stay true to yourself. People can feel when you’re real.
    2. Misconception: Point and shoot planners (“this goes here, this goes there!”) is not common, though it does exist. Need to roll with the punches, and stay in the background.
    3. Hiring the correct people when starting your own business is crucial

Table of Contents

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Career Insights: Danielle Bobish 10:35
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What do you do and how did you get started? 2:18
What skills have helped you succeed? :54
What are some misconceptions people have about event planners? 1:36
What are some misconceptions people have about event planners? 1:36
What advice would you give yourself if you were starting out today? 1:15
Tips for building your portfolio. 2:11
Where do you look for inspiration? 3:09

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