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  • Title:The Opportunity with Small Business Clients
  • Category:Business & Sales
  • Level:Beginner
  • Instructor:Chris Litster
  • Length:15 min
  • Posted:12/17/2012
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Filmed live at the Event Innovation Forum, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC.

While most event industry sales people target large corporations as potential clients, they may be ignoring a vibrant and eager market segment right under their noses: the local small business owners in their communities.  In this revealing session, Chris Litster explains the opportunity available with small businesses, which are increasingly looking toward special events as a marketing vehicle to grow their companies.  Unlike their larger corporate counterparts, they rarely have internal resources to handle event planning, are time-pressed, and very loyal once they make a connection.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Recognize how small business clients can be
      great referral vehicles for your business.
    2. Understand how small businesses utilize live events to grow their customer relationships.
    3. Discover a new way to look at your neighborhood small businesses as potential clients.

Table of Contents

Watch the Full Class Without Chapter Breaks
The Opportunity with Small Business Clients 14:59
Watch the Class in Chapters
Understanding the Opportunity with Small Businesses 5:36
Using Events to Drive Customer Relationships 2:26
What Makes them Tick 3:05
Tapping A Loyal Referral Engine 1:37
Getting Involved 2:55

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