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  • Title:Dealing with Toxic Employees
  • Category:Business & Sales
  • Level:Advanced
  • Instructor:Howard Givner
  • Length:35 min
  • Posted:5/9/2012
  • CMP Domain:E: Human Resources
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Anyone who's managed a company or a team long enough eventually has to deal with a toxic employee. Though they manifest themselves different ways, most are overly negative in their attitudes, have lousy work ethics, and consistently blame others for everything. Unlike a general disgruntled worker, what makes someone a toxic employee is their desire to spread their negative attitudes to others and infect the broader workplace. This class will address the issue of how to deal with toxic employees in your midst.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Identify the signs of a toxic employee, and understand the broader dangers they can pose to an organization.
    2. Understand the motivation behind a toxic employee.
    3. Prepare a plan for confronting and turning around a toxic employee.
    4. Screen out for potential toxic employees in future job interviews.

Table of Contents

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Toxic Employees - FULL Class Video 35:12
Dealing With Toxic Employees
How to Spot A Toxic Employee 5:03
Triangulation 3:37
The Impact on Business 4:02
Understanding What Makes Them Toxic 5:39
Solutions 13:56
Prevention 3:44
PDF of Slides from This Class 21 pages

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