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  • Title:Defining Your Brand: Passion, Philosophy, Platform & Process
  • Category:Business & Sales
  • Level:Advanced
  • Instructor:Sean Low
  • Length:46 min
  • Posted:1/7/2011
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Strategic direction, marketing platform, and operational concerns dominate the issues confronting owners of creative businesses in the event industry. How do you differentiate your business in the face of ever-increasing and, at times, overwhelming competition? How can you take your business to the next level? What is missing? This class will discuss the 4P’s – Passion, Philosophy, Platform and Process as they relate to creative businesses in the event industry. I will introduce journaling as a method of getting at the core of what your creative business. I will then discuss how to use the identified core to create a “Lookbook” that you can use with your potential clients. I will talk about the importance of process – having image match energy at all times. Finally, I will discuss growth and expansion and the importance of knowing the difference. The result: having your creative business in the event industry stand out simply by being the best, truest version of itself.

Filmed on location at Sentry Centers Midtown East.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Be able to define & understand the importance of the 4 P's.
    2. Understand the value of Journaling.
    3. Appreciate the value of a Lookbook.
    4. Understand how to integrate Process so that image matches energy.

Table of Contents

Watch the Full Class without Chapter Breaks
Defining Your Brand: Passion, Philosophy, Platform & Process 45:33
Defining Your Brand: The 4 P's
Four Elements of A Successful Event Business 5:02
The 4 P's: Preston Bailey Case Study 7:16
Tools: Journaling 8:42
Tools: Lookbook 10:39
Balancing the 4 P's: Matching Image to Energy 1:37
Process: What's Next? 6:54
Be the Best Version of You 7:44
Downloads (documents referenced in this class)
Look Book
Journaling Handout
PDF of Slides from This Class
Videos of Other Planners: Defining Your Brand
Lori Raimondo, VP of Marketing for the Times Square Alliance on NYE as a Marketing Vehicle 5:06

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