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  • Title:Designing an Efficient Check-In Process
  • Category:Venues & Destinations
  • Level:All
  • Instructor:Howard Givner
  • Length:62 min
  • Posted:12/2/2014
  • CMP Domain:H: Site Management
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You can create the most amazing event experience, but if your check-in process is lengthy and disorganized your guests will be in such a bad mood when they enter the room they won't even notice. The check-in process is one of those tricky things that, unfortunately, you don't get much credit for if it goes smoothly, but if it's a mess, boy will you hear about it!

This class will provide an array of tips and strategies for designing an executing a smooth, organized, and efficient check-in process for a variety of events.

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ILEA Core Curriculum Key Competencies Category for this course / content: 
Event Planning 

Learning Outcomes

    1. Utilize expeditors and trouble shooters to help facilitate crowd flow and avoid bottlenecks at check-in.
    2. Deploy signage in the right locations, the right height and with the right content to enable guests to easily know where to go.
    3. Evaluate when to use mazes, chutes, and other layouts to minimize lines and expedite crowd flow through check-in.
    4. Implement digital check-in tools and efficient systems for name tag, as well as table assignments.

Table of Contents

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Designing An Efficient Check-In Process 1:02:20
Watch the Class In Chapters
Why It Matters 6:12
When People Will Tolerate Waiting 6:47
Configuration Options 7:32
Digital Check In 7:59
Signage Placement 6:00
Tips for Speed & Efficiency 9:57
Staffing: Ratios, Sources & Prep 6:16
Dealing with Fast Arriving Groups 2:07
Name Tags (Badges) 10:06
Post Check In Logistics 1:26
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