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  • Title:Event & Meeting Management Fundamentals
  • Category:Planning & Logistics
  • Level:Beginner
  • Instructor:Kevin White, CSEP
  • Length:10 Weeks
  • Posted:1/30/2017
  • CMP Domain:A: Strategic Planning
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If you're looking to become an event or meeting planner, or you've been planning events for a while but never got a proper training, this is the ultimate course for you.  Here you'll get a thorough understanding of how events work, why people and companies host events, how the industry is configured, & how to strategically plan & coordinate a typical event from A to Z.

SYLLABUS:  The Table of Contents on the right side of this page provides a full syllabus for this course.

DATES/TIMES: This 10 week online course will run from October 14 - December 16. New lessons will be released each Monday at 7:00 pm EST, and can be viewed at any time thereafter.

HOW THE COURSE WORKS: Participants will log into our private Learning Management System, where each week approximately 2 hours of new lesson content will be released. Lesson content will usually be in video format, broken into digestible chapters of approximately 5-10 minutes each, and may be supplemented with PDFs or links to external articles. The lessons may be viewed at any time once they are released, and you can complete the lesson videos at your own pace.  Short quizzes and assignments may be given to help reinforce learning outcomes.

INSTRUCTOR 'OFFICE HOURS': The instructor will be available to answer questions and provide feedback at set times each week, (exact times to be announced). Outside of those hours, the instructor will make every effort to respond to emails within two business days.  (Keep in mind our instructors are subject matter experts who are actively working on events.)

EARN YOUR CREDENTIAL: Students who complete this course and pass a final exam will earn a Certificate from the Event Leadership Institute for Event & Meeting Management.  In addition, this course offers a total of 36 CMP clock hours. For details on the specific CMP domains or categories where hours are available, please contact

This course is NOT included in monthly or annual subscriptions, and requires separate registration, though active members will benefit from 20% off the enrollment fee.

Early enrollment (by Sept. 23):

   - If paid in full: $895

   - If paid in installments: 5 monthly payments of $197 ($985 total)

Regular enrollment (after Sept. 23):

   - If paid in full: $995

   - If paid in installments: 5 monthly payments of $219 ($1,095 total)

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YOUR LEARNING IS GUARANTEED: The Event Leadership Institute stands behind all of its content.  If you feel you didn't learn what you expected to in this course, just let us know within 30 days of the final lesson and we'll give you a full refund.

COURSE PREVIEW: The instructor will provide a live preview of the course, and address any questions, in a free webinar on September 16th at 7:00 pm EST.  Click here to sign up for the course preview webinar.

TESTIMONIALS: "Hands down, the best educational content and the smartest instructors in our industry."  David Adler | CEO, BizBash

"When evaluating new candidates for full time or freelance staff, one of the first things we take into consideration is the person's legitimate, industry-specific education. A certificate from E.L.I. tells us they are on the right track."  Rob Hulsmeyer | Empire Force Events

"What took me a decade to learn on the job, is now available in the most succinct and accessible format thanks to ELI."  Lyn Stout | A Bond Event

"ELI classes are like a shining light in the dark."  Jharna Jaisinghani | Artistic Affairs

"Great content, and immediately applicable knowledge."  Regina Pierce | T-Mobile

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Learning Outcomes

    1. Understand how to create an event that achieves specific objectives for the host/client.
    2. Design a planning process that incorporates budgeting, project management, communication and evaluation tools.
    3. Have an understanding of the various event elements (food and beverage, design, entertainment, site selection, etc.) and how to cost-effectively employ them.
    4. Understand the role of the planner on site at the event, and the mindset necessary to oversee successful event coordination.

Table of Contents


The Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) is a certification offered by the Convention Industry Council (CIC), an umbrella group comprised of 30 organizations. As part of the application process for the CMP, candidates are required to log a minimum of 25 Clock Hours of approved education. If you see the CMP designation next to a given class on this site, it indicates that class has been approved by the CIC to count toward that educational requirement, for the designated number of clock hours. For more information go to

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