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  • Title:designFORWARD: Trends to Look for In 2012 | 16 Influencers Weigh In
  • Category:Creativity and Design
  • Level:All
  • Instructor:Steve Paster
  • Length:43 pgs
  • Posted:4/19/2012
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Special thanks to Pink Powered by Moss for sponsoring this eBook, and helping to foster creative dialogue within our industry.

Read this eBook to see trend forecasts from these leading designers:


jesGORDONproperFUN   Chuck Santoro | Proscenium   Todd Fiscus | Todd Events   Ceci Johnson | Ceci New York   Raymond Thompson | Images by Lighting   Kate Kovalick-Patay | Creative Coverings   Steve Paster | Alpine Creative Group   Daniel Megly | Daniel et Daniel Event Creation & Catering      King Dahl | MGM Resort Events   Tricia Schmitt | AFR Furniture Rental   Youngsong Martin | Wildflower Linen   Ira Levy | Levy Lighting   Lional Rivero-Cannon | EVENTCREATIVE   Stella Ballarini | Scoozi Events NYC      Debra Roth | Pink Powered by Moss   Adam Harriden | Jack Morton Worldwide




Learning Outcomes

    1. See how projection mapping is becoming a leading driver of event design.
    2. Learn how designers are focusing creative energy on "must have" event elements (e.g. creating a statement bar) to help clients justify the spend.
    3. Identify ways to implement the most-cited design trend of mixing traditional and modern looks within the same design concept.
    4. Understand how design is now being implemented through a broad array of event elements, and is no longer limited to 'decor'.

Table of Contents

designFORWARD: Event Design Trends to Look for in 2012
designFORWARD eBook 43 pages

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