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  • Title:Event Insurance
  • Category:Planning & Logistics
  • Level:Beginner
  • Instructor:Melissa Maybury
  • Length:45 min
  • Posted:9/28/2010
  • CMP Domain:C: Risk Management
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You can have the best planned event, only to see it go awry through factors beyond your control. Though you can't control weather, strikes, acts of terrorism, and other unforeseen circumstances, you can properly insure your event against them. This class will provide an overview of the risks event planners face, and the insurance protections available for them.

Filmed on location at 24 Fifth Banquet Facility, courtesy of the Glazier Group.

ILEA Approved ContentThis course is ILEA Approved with content that is alligned with the International Live Events Association's Core Curriculum. ILEA Approved is the international education standard selected for creative event professionals and has been developed to recognize specific content that has significance for the global creative events industry. Click Here to learn more about ILEA.

ILEA Core Curriculum Key Competencies Category for this course / content: 
Event Planning 

Learning Outcomes

    1. Recognize the key risks faced by meeting and event professionals. Understand how to protect you and your client’s best interests.
    2. Understand insurance and how to purchase coverage. Available specialty event insurance options and their benefits for you and your clients.
    3. Understand general liability policies and where they fall short for this industry.
    4. Understand and identify elements of Certificates of Insurance.

Table of Contents

Watch the Full Class Without Chapter Breaks
Event Insurance - Full Class Video 45:07
Event Insurance: Event Planner Essentials
Overview & Insurance Terms 2:57
Understanding Certificates of Insurance 3:20
Types of Risks & Types of Coverages 2:17
Liability Insurance; Host Liquor vs. Liquor Liability Coverages 7:55
Common Additional Coverages & Exclusions 4:06
Event Cancellation Insurance 7:11
Terrorism Insurance 2:27
Weather Insurance, including "Big Day Umbrella" Wedding Coverage 8:54
Prize Indemnity & Promotional Insurance 4:56
Professional Liability Insurance (Errors & Omissions Coverage) 1:54
Insurance Options in Today's Market 1:24
Downloads (documents referenced in this class)
Certificate of Insurance (with Add'l Insured) 1 Page
Videos of Other Planners: How Does Your Agency Charge?
Karen Dalzell, CEO of Dalzell Productions 2:33

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