Class Library Q&A: Eileen Bistrisky, Effective Leadership Consulting

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  • Title:Q&A: Eileen Bistrisky, Effective Leadership Consulting
  • Category:Event Leaders Q&A
  • Level:All
  • Length:48 mins
  • Posted:5/22/2018
  • CMP Domain:A: Strategic Planning,E: Human Resources
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Eileen Bistrisky, MBA, CSEP, CMC, ECPC, ACC is the President and CEO of Effective Leadership Consulting. During this Event Leader Q&A Webinar, Eileen offers her advice about how event business owners can succeed by forming a team with a dynamic set of skills. Eileen also speaks about the true meaning of strategy, the importance of creating systems, and more.

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Event Leaders Q&A With Eileen Bistrisky 48:05

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