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  • Title:Flash Class: 3 Must Have Lighting Tips
  • Category:Technical Production
  • Level:Intermediate
  • Instructor:Richard Tatum
  • Length:6 min
  • Posted:12/7/2011
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In this live session, lighting guru Richard Tatum discusses the three must have lighting tips that every event planner needs to have in their arsenal.

Filmed live on the trade show floor at BizBash New York

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Learning Outcomes

    1. Learn what to tell your gobo producer to achieve the crispest outcome.
    2. Understand the basic principles of lighting talent and speakers.
    3. Learn to use the color blue to light your event.

Table of Contents

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Full Class Video: 3 Must Have Lighting Tips 6:43
Watch the Class in Chapters
Gobos 2:39
Make Your Talent Shine 1:50
Embrace Blue Light 2:14

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