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  • Title:2013 Pricing Report: How Much Planners Charge & What Clients Want to Pay - VIDEO
  • Category:Business & Sales
  • Level:All
  • Instructor:Howard Givner
  • Length:45 min
  • Posted:1/31/2013
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In late 2012 the Event Leadership Institute conducted a global survey of 300 event/meeting planners to find out how they charge for their services, how much money they make on an event, how much money they make in a year, and other related questions. We then asked similar questions to clients (in-house planners), such as what pricing models they prefer, how much they think planners make, what rates they want to pay, etc. This class analyzes the data uncovered in the survey, and provides a unique window into an area few people talk about: how and how much planners charge, and what their clients think about that.

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Learning Outcomes

    1. Show how much planners charge per hour, broken down by years of experience, region they’re located in, and other variables. Compare that to what clients want to pay per hour.
    2. Show how much planners make per event and per year, broken down by years of experience, and compare that with what clients think planners make.
    3. Compare results of planner fees by region and office location (out of their home vs. an office), and how much clients care if they have an external office.
    4. Show which pricing models planners use (markups, flat fees, hourly fees, percentage of budget, commissions), and explain what clients prefer.

Table of Contents

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2013 Planner Pricing Report-FULL VIDEO 44:03
2013 Planner Pricing Report
Overview 4:03
Home Vs. Office 3:42
Show Me The Money 18:21
Pricing Models 7:59
Commissions & Disclosure 5:59
Reasons For Being Hired 4:46
PDF of Slides Used in this Class 39 pages
2013 Planner Pricing Report-White Paper 35 pages

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