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  • Title:Booking & Producing Event Entertainment
  • Category:Planning & Logistics
  • Level:All
  • Instructor:Danny Bergold
  • Length:106 min
  • Posted:6/6/2011
  • CMP Domain:G: Meeting or Event Design
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Presenting impactful entertainment experiences at your event can be one of the most valuable assets you offer your clients or your company.  However, in order to achieve such success, you must clearly understand the fundamentals and complexities of booking, producing and managing entertainment at your event.   In this class Danny Bergold, 20-year entertainment and event production veteran, will expose the “act” the entertainment producer must perform in order to achieve the greatest return on their entertainment investment and experience.ILEA Approved ContentThis course is ILEA Approved with content that is alligned with the International Live Events Association's Core Curriculum. ILEA Approved is the international education standard selected for creative event professionals and has been developed to recognize specific content that has significance for the global creative events industry. Click Here to learn more about ILEA.

ILEA Core Curriculum Key Competencies Category for this course / content: Entertainment

Learning Outcomes

    1. Be able to identify several sources for finding affordable and top notch entertainment, and distinguish pros and cons between the various booking sources.
    2. Learn several tips for negotiating a lower price with your entertainment provider, even if they are unwilling to lower their performance fee.
    3. Dissect the various components of an entertainment contract Rider, and understand their importance.
    4. Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of producing live entertainment for meetings and events.

Table of Contents

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Booking and Producing Event Entertainment Full Class Video 1:46:43
Introduction to Event Entertainment
Overview and Introduction 4:01
Determining the Best Type of Entertainment for Your Event 4:58
Identifying or Sourcing Event Entertainment 2:46
Selecting Entertainment Providers
Non-Exclusive Entertainment Providers 4:00
Exclusive Providers 2:45
Working with Talent Directly 3:10
Vetting Entertainment 4:37
Budget Considerations
Working with Budgets and Understanding Line Items 5:37
Entertainment Pricing 2:51
Tips to Reduce Financial Impact 11:00
Managing Talent
On-Site Entertainment Management (Pre-Arrival) 12:33
Golden Rules of Managing Talent On-Site 4:52
Working with Name Entertainment
Introduction to Name Entertainment 17:53
VIP Meet and Greets with Name Entertainment 2:04
Additional Tips For Dealing with Name Entertainment 1:42
Final Tips and Closing 3:17
How to Book Entertainment
The Process of Booking Entertainment 9:12
Performance Riders 4:38
Insurance 2:44
Miscellaneous Items to Consider 5:25

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