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  • Title:Mark Shearon on Landing Mega Events
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  • Instructor:Maverick Series
  • Length:15 min
  • Posted:6/15/2012
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Mark Shearon, Founder and Managing Partner of Proscenium, has produced mega events on both sides of the pond.  Listen as he gives a first hand account of the production of one of the largest corporate events of the year, the Walmart Annual Shareholders meeting, which brings in over 17,500 attendees.  Mr. Shearon shares his experiences producing a mega event in Northwest Arkansas, and the full redundancy required to ensure success. 

Learning Outcomes

    1. Learn what goes into drafting a proposal to land a mega event like the launch of Boeing's Dreamliner
    2. Hear how Mark deals with setbacks and unexpected issues at mega events
    3. Hear how Mark produced an event for 17,500 people with only 6 weeks lead time
    4. Understand the risk involved with drafting a proposal, and how it can help take your business to the next level

Table of Contents

Watch the Interview in Chapters
The Walmart Shareholders' Meeting 3:03
Planning an Event in Northwest Arkansas 2:25
"Things Just Happen" 3:14
Producing on Short Lead Time 1:40
How Do You Land a Mega Event? 5:59
The Boeing Dreamliner Launch 3:31

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