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  • Title:Christina Neault on Producing Fashion Week
  • Category:Maverick Series Interviews
  • Level:All
  • Instructor:Maverick Series
  • Length:15 min
  • Posted:6/15/2012
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Listen in as IMG Fashion’s Executive Producer Christina Neault describes what it takes to produce New York’s largest media event: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Ms. Neault discusses the design and layout of Fashion Week, what it takes to manage over 500 employees for a span of 8 days, and the event-specific considerations unique to the show.  Plus hear exclusive behind-the-scenes Fashion Week War Stories!

Learning Outcomes

    1. Learn about the Fashion Week team and how they produce 250+ designer runway shows per year
    2. Learn Christina’s management style and what it’s like to work Fashion Week
    3. Understand the importance of customer service in the events industry
    4. Hear what Christina looks for in a new-hire

Table of Contents

Watch the Full Interview
Christina Neault on Producing Fashion Week 16:41
Watch the Interview in Chapters
The Physical Set-Up of Fashion Week 4:14
Determining the Schedule of Designers 2:32
Describe your Event Team 3:36
What Kind of Manager are You? 3:21
Hair, Make-up, and Power 1:03
What do you Look for in a New Hire? 1:47
Fashion Week War Stories 1:46

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