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  • Title:Flash Class: Amp Up Your Lighting
  • Category:Technical Production
  • Level:Intermediate
  • Instructor:Suzanne B. Lowell
  • Length:9 min
  • Posted:2/17/2012
4.60 out of 5 star rating


When your guests walk into a room the most impactful element is often the lighting so... AMP it up! In this flash class, filmed live on the trade show floor at BizBash Boston, Suzanne B. Lowell shares the key things you need to know about lighting your event. From proper pin spotting to designing in layers, incredible fixtures and working on a budget you are bound to learn something that will make you go AHA! So light it up and learn the Do's and Don'ts of lighting up the night.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Learn when and when not to use pin spots
    2. Find out how designing in layers can help achieve your best lighting outcome
    3. Learn tips for dealing with a small budget
    4. Understand how to figure out your power needs

Table of Contents

Watch the Full Class
Amp Up Your Lighting: Full Class Video 9:24
Watch the Class in Chapters
Pin Spots up the Ante 2:01
Design in Layers 2:45
Light Smarter 1:36
Decorative Fixtures 1:10
Budget Solutions 0:46
Power and Electric Needs 1:34

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