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  • Title:Exit Strategy: Selling or Merging Your Event or Catering Business
  • Category:Business & Sales
  • Level:Advanced
  • Instructor:Howard Givner
  • Length:88 min
  • Posted:8/15/2011
4.75 out of 5 star rating


This class will provide unique and helpful insights from people who've gone through the process of selling or merging their business in the event industry. We'll share experiences of several types of acquisitions and mergers, and discuss financial structures of deals, what the process is like, how businesses are valued,and post-deal integration challenges.


Learning Outcomes

    1. Learn how to best position your company for acquisition or merger.
    2. Learn how different businesses are valued and how to review and recast your financial statements for a buyer.
    3. Learn how to explore a possible sale of your company without alerting your employees or clients.
    4. Learn how to review and recast your financial statements for a buyer.

Table of Contents

Watch the Full Class Without Chapter Breaks
Exit Strategy: Full Class Video 1:28:08
Watch the Class in Chapters
Overview 4:27
Case Study: Maureen Ryan Fable 5:14
The Timing Paradox and the Sales Process 3:58
Case Study: Gai Klass 5:56
Preparing for a Sale or Merger 4:03
Valuations 9:38
Salable Attributes 4:20
Case Study: Greg Zalkin 3:37
Terms of the Deal: Earn Outs, Seller Financing, Other Items 6:22
Case Study: Debra Roth 7:46
Case Study: Howard Givner 2:14
Types of Buyers: Financial vs. Strategic 12:34
Due Dilligence 8:46
Q & A 6:24
The Relationship of Selling 5:58
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