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  • Title:Getting Hired: What The Top Employers Look For
  • Category:Careers
  • Level:Beginner
  • Instructor:Maverick Series
  • Length:19 min
  • Posted:5/7/2013
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While a degree and experience are expected, top level event industry professionals base their decision to hire on a unique blend of street and book smarts, personality, teamwork and strong work ethic. How do you react in an unpredictable, stressful situation? Do you feel comfortable working with all different types of people from high level executives to delivery crews? Do you have the ability to be creative yet analytical?  What does your social media status say about you and do potential employers really care what you post? These are just a few of the qualities that employers are looking for from future event professionals.  Learn from our ELI Mavericks what it takes to be successful and stand out among other job applicants. For complete interviews with each individual, click here.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Learn how interviewers engage job applicants in stressful situations to gauge their reaction under pressure.
    2. Hear from seasoned vets what it takes to succeed in the events industry and the skills needed to take you to the top.
    3. Take away tips and best practices for interviewing within the events industry.

Table of Contents

Watch the Class in Chapters
Colin Cowie | 2:39
Mary Wittenberg | New York Road Runners 2:35
Andrea Michaels | Extraordinary Events 4:15
Colja Dams | Vok Dams 0:56
Allan Kurtz | Tavern on the Green 2:48
Christina Neault | IMG Fashion 1:47
David Merrell | AOO Events 2:47
Karen Dazell | Dazell Productions 5:51
Lizz Torgovnick | Sequence Events 2:26
Noelle Provencial | Groupon 3:21
Andre Shahrdar | Barkley Kalpak Agency 6:26
Jed Weinstein | WCMG 3:53

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