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  • Title:Keeping the Business: Debriefings, Complaints, Difficult Clients & Rebookings
  • Category:Business & Sales
  • Level:Intermediate
  • Instructor:Howard Givner
  • Length:62 min
  • Posted:2/20/2012
  • CMP Domain:B: Project Management
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When the last chair has been put in the truck and the invoices are paid most novice planners think that their job is done. A true professional realizes that it is just the beginning. One of the most critical elements for any business owner is to recognize that without repeat business you are not likely to survive. Let Howard Givner and Carolyn Ray of the Event Leadership Institute share their tips for dealing with difficult clients, handling debrief meetings and getting clients to sign on the dotted line for a second go around. A must have for every business owner!

Learning Outcomes

    1. Learn the techniques to ensure rebookings
    2. Learn when and how to do a post event debrief with your client
    3. Understand the importance of empathy in dealing with client complaints
    4. Learn tips and tricks for dealing with confict

Table of Contents

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Keeping the Business: FULL Class Video 1:02:38
Overview 1:29
Debriefings 2:45
When to Hold A Debriefing 2:07
Debriefing Reports 6:50
Difficult Clients
Difficult Clients or Difficult Circumstances? 2:57
Happy Clients vs. Successful Events 8:05
Conflict Management
What Is Conflict? 4:45
Unhooking Physically 1:57
Unhooking Mentally 3:41
Unhooking Verbally 4:26
Unhooking with A Business Tool 5:38
Rebookings 8:53
Questions & Answers 4:04
PDF of slides from this class 27 pages

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