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  • Title:Green Event & Meeting Practices
  • Category:Planning & Logistics
  • Level:All
  • Instructor:Johanna Walsh, CMP
  • Length:37 min
  • Posted:1/13/2011
  • CMP Domain:A: Strategic Planning
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At some point every planner will need to evaluate the green practices of their events. There's been no shortage of dialogue on this topic, yet much of it is confusing, and often inaccurate. This class will start by helping define the landscape and all the key terms that are often misused in the Green Meetings Industry. We'll focus on the key functional areas of each event, as defined by the GMIC (Green Meetings Industry Council) and review a range of tips and best practices within each category, as well as understand the difference between true green tactics and green washing.

Filmed on location at Sentry Centers 730 Third Avenue.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Be able to define and differentiate the key terms used in green event planning.
    2. Understand a number of tactical ways to green your event in the following areas: Accommodations, A/V & Production, Communications & Marketing, Destinations, Food & Beverage, Transportation, Venu
    3. Be able to identify the key differences between reducing your Carbon Footprint, and improving your Waste Diversion Ratio.
    4. Understand the cost implications of various green tips and practices.

Table of Contents

Watch the Full Class
Green Event & Meeting Practices - Full Class 36:47
Green Events & Meetings
Overview & Definitions 4:01
Why & How to Go Green 3:54
Accommodations & Venues 4:19
A/V & Decor 4:30
Communications & Marketing 4:48
Destinations 2:18
Food & Beverage 4:24
Transportation 4:32
Waste Management 7:17
How Other Planners Are Implementing Sustainability
Karen Dalzell, CEO of Dalzell Productions on Reusable Step & Repeats 3:17
Mary Wittenberg, Race Director, NYC Marathon, on Recycling the racers' shedded clothing 2:18
Haley Carlson | Events, Sponsorships & Multimedia Manager | Tribune Media Group 1:47
Colja Dams, President of Vok Dams Agency 3:02
Appendix: Definitions & Resources
PDF of Slides from This Class

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