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  • Title:Harnessing the Power of Event Data
  • Category:Strategy & ROI
  • Level:Intermediate
  • Instructor:Kevin White, CSEP
  • Length:60 min
  • Posted:11/26/2016
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We are living in an age of information. As technology forges ahead, it is becoming easier and easier for event and meeting planners to collect data from attendees, sponsors and clients. Before mobile and web-based technology, methods of collection were rudimentary, time consuming and not always accurate. Now, we can collect dozens of data points accurately, quickly and cheaply. What does this mean for how we manage live events?

This session will explore the most common and powerful pieces of data to collect, from your first marketing efforts to your last attendee contact. It will showcase latest technologies and methods that allow planners to mine useful, impactful information. It will discuss the most effective times to collect from attendees. And it will assess how best to analyze the data so that you can increase your profitability, decrease your guesswork, spend your time more efficiently  

Learning Outcomes

    1. Demonstrate the importance of data collection in measuring an event's success.
    2. Identify key data points to collect, and where and how to collect them.
    3. Analyze data to improve event performance.
    4. Evaluate the pros and cons of various data measuring techniques.

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