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  • Title:How to Book Speakers Like A Pro
  • Category:Planning & Logistics
  • Level:Intermediate
  • Instructor:Mike Taubleb
  • Length:100 min
  • Posted:10/19/2010
  • CMP Domain:G: Meeting or Event Design
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Speaker investments can be the second highest budget item after venues - and are crucial to drawing attendance. There are tens of thousands of options and usually not enough time to search for them. Understanding today’s evolving speaker marketplace, how to search for, negotiate with and prepare speakers are critical to making the best choice. There are more speakers than ever with more places to find them, lower budgets and shorter lead times. Decision makers are demanding financial justifications for hiring speakers as never before. Learn insider strategies from someone who has booked hundreds of speakers and is constantly reviewing talent. Find out who is hot, how to plan your search, judge a speaker’s suitability, guide the decision making process internally and minimize your risks. Once speakers are booked, there are crucial steps to maximize their performance.

Filmed on location at 24 Fifth Banquet Facility, courtesy of the Glazier Group.

ILEA Approved ContentThis course is ILEA Approved with content that is alligned with the International Live Events Association's Core Curriculum. ILEA Approved is the international education standard selected for creative event professionals and has been developed to recognize specific content that has significance for the global creative events industry. Click Here to learn more about ILEA.

ILEA Core Curriculum Key Competencies Category for this course / content: 
Speaker/Content Management

Learning Outcomes

    1. Understand today’s speaker marketplace, who you can get for your budget
    2. Understand the Pros and Cons of major types of speaker suppliers/achieving the right mix
    3. Have the ability to determine the best ways to judge a speaker’s fit for your event
    4. Learn tips for negotiating with your speaker.

Table of Contents

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How to Book Speakers - Full Class Video 1:40:15
How to Book Speakers Like A Pro
Introduction to the Speaking Business 3:18
Types of Speakers 8:43
Speaker Market Trends 3:52
Conducting Your Search 10:29
What You Get in Each Price Range, & How to Approach Celebrity Speakers 13:38
Requesting Information, The Order Process & Evaluating Proposals 8:43
Different Sources of Speakers: Agents, Managers, Bureaus, etc. 11:02
Narrowing Your Choice 5:58
Negotiating Strategies & Ways to Save Money 13:01
Minimizing Risk 10:21
Preparing Speakers & Judging Speaker Performance 6:37
Resources 4:50
10 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Speaker 2:26

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