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  • Title:Beyond a Beautiful Event: How Audi Measures Success
  • Category:Strategy & ROI
  • Level:Intermediate
  • Instructor:Howard Givner
  • Length:17 min
  • Posted:6/20/2013
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Measuring and proving success of an event is a challenge for most brands. Learn from Isabel Chattas, Co-Owner of SiiNC Agency how strategic planning, the development of communication and event objectives, and carefully setting measurable tracking points proved successful in calculating ROI for her client, Audi. In reviewing Audi’s A6 and A7 car launch case studies, see how Chattas and her team developed two uniquely different events which met the needs of their targeted demographics and converted 9% of event attendees into Audi A6 car owners and 14% into A7 owners. In addition, discover the benefits and importance of developing several milestones from event date through client purchase when measuring ROI.

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ILEA Core Curriculum Key Competencies Category for this course / content: 
Event Planning

Learning Outcomes

    1. Discover how a live event can directly impact consumer action and sales.
    2. Learn the importance of segmenting your audience and tailoring event objectives and communications to meet their needs.
    3. Understand the critical nature of developing several milestones for tracking feedback when calculating ROI.

Table of Contents

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Beyond a Beautiful Event: How Audi Measures Success 16:40
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Driving Interest: Measuring Success from Event to Ownership 7:35
Meeting Your Customers on their Turf 9:14

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