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  • Title:How Industry Leaders Got Started In the Events Industry
  • Category:Careers
  • Level:Beginner
  • Instructor:Howard Givner
  • Length:54 min
  • Posted:5/6/2013
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Ever wonder how the top names in the events industry launched their careers?  Whether their career choices were planned or not, these great leaders share stories of humble beginnings, inspirational mentors, and their personal drive to achieve seemingly impossible tasks. Did you know that the NFL's Frank Supovitz began his career as a “chair tester” at Radio City Music Hall?  Was it her passion for jazz or the decision to follow her sweetheart to New York which ignited Karen Dazell’s career in events ultimately leading her to produce the Tribeca Film Festival?  Learn how Laura Schwartz’s role as an inquisitive and ambitious volunteer answering phones and making copies for the White House Press office helped her land the job as White House Director of Events. These stories and more are shared by ELI's Mavericks. For complete interviews with each individual, click here.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Find out how our Mavericks got into the events industry and what their career trajectory has been like, including their successes and failures.
    2. Hear war stories from seasoned event industry professionals, including things that may surprise you and how they were overcome.
    3. Learn what inspires event greats and motivates them to move forward in the industry.

Table of Contents

Watch the Class in Chapters
Frank Supovitz | National Football League 8:04
Mary Wittenberg | NY Road Runners 6:15
Karen Dalzell | Dalzell Productions 6:59
Lori Raimondo | Entertainment Industry Foundation 5:11
Haley Carlson | Tribune Events Group 5:07
Marcy Blum | Marcy Blum Associates 4:21
Andrea Michaels | Extraordinary Events 3:35
Colja Dams | Vok Dams 3:33
Mindy Weiss | Mindy Weiss Party Consultants 5:06
David Merrell | AOO Events 3:01
Laura Schwartz | White House Strategies 3:45

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