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  • Title:How Industry Leaders Select New Vendors
  • Category:Maverick Series Interviews
  • Level:All
  • Instructor:Maverick Series
  • Length:17 min
  • Posted:5/7/2013
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What does it take as a vendor to land new business for a notable production? Ever dreamed of working on one of Colin Cowie’s famed celebrity weddings? Perhaps you’re looking to break into the corporate scene or event build relationships with The White House. Do you stand out above your competitor? In this series of interviews, learn from top industry planners what they seek from service providers. Are you reliable and understand a team mentality? Does your work ethic and persistence for excellence shine? In this day and age, word of mouth only amounts to a small portion of new hires though tenacity, great customer service, integrity and industry involvement are a few of the qualities highlighted by our Mavericks. For complete interviews with each individual, click here.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Understand the importance of being prepared and doing your homework when pitching for new business.
    2. Does your work ethic raise you to the next level? Learn how word of mouth will only carry you so far and industry involvement may help give you the edge.
    3. Discover what qualities are most important to industry event leaders reviewing new vendors.

Table of Contents

Watch the Class in Chapters
Andrea Michaels | Extraordinary Events 1:37
Colja Dams | Vok Dams 1:00
Allan Kurtz | Tavern on the Green 2:19
David Merrell | AOO Events 2:44
Laura Schwartz | White House Strategies 1:57
Colin Cowie | ColinCowie 2:39
Marcy Blum | Marcy Blum Associates 3:15

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