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  • Title:10 Ways to Increase Engagement At Meetings
  • Category:Strategy & ROI
  • Level:All
  • Instructor:Sharon Fisher
  • Length:18 min
  • Posted:6/11/2012
  • CMP Domain:G: Meeting or Event Design
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Studies show that meeting and event attendees retain information far better if they are actively engaged, instead of just being talked at by a speaker the whole time.  But how do you engage attendees without necessarily breaking the bank?  In this flash class, Sharon Fisher, who has spent much of her career creating interactive corporate events, shares a number of methods that can be easily integrated with very little cost, to help improve the quality of your program.

This class was filmed live at BizBash Florida 2012 Expo.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Understand the 3 key essentials for having productive meetings.
    2. Learn inexpensive and low-tech ways for meeting audience to give instant feedback to the speaker on which areas of the presentation they want to hear more of.
    3. Be able to implement ice-breaker activities that will foster more productive networking among attendees.

Table of Contents

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10 Ways to Increase Engagement at Meetings 18:04
10 Ways to Increase Engagement At Meetings
3 Essentials for Today’s Meetings 3:15
8 x 8 | Learn Before You Go 3:35
Click It! | Threesomes 2:51
Ask the Expert | Useful Nametags | Colorful Polling 4:23
30 in 30 | Custom Gaming | Conclusion 4:00

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