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  • Title:Increasing Attendee Engagement At Fundraising Events
  • Category:Strategy & ROI
  • Level:All
  • Instructor:Liz Glover Wilson, CMP, CSEP
  • Length:48 min
  • Posted:3/29/2012
  • CMP Domain:A: Strategic Planning
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Only a small portion of the attendees at your gala are committed to your organization. The rest are there because they were asked by someone.  Your job is to engage and convert them to your cause.  This session will explore tactics and strategies for connecting your audience to your mission and helping them become vibrant supporters, through effective story telling and engagement tactics. 

Learning Outcomes

    1. Explain the current state of the donor landscape, and how it impacts your event.
    2. Differentiate the three levels of commitment in the engagement funnel.
    3. Outline strategies for using Cause Ambassadors in various capacities at your event to move attendees from awareness to conversion as supporters.
    4. Implement tactics for retaining supporters you convert at your event to continue to be passionate advocates for your organization.

Table of Contents

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Increasing Attendee Engagement at Fundraising Events: FULL 47:30
Increasing Attendee Engagement at Fundraising Events
How Live Events Differ from Other Marketing Vehicles 5:59
The Engagement Funnel 1:52
The Donor Landscape 4:08
Messaging: Telling Your Story 8:13
Storytelling: Informal, Formal & Experiential 10:52
Retention: Keeping Them Engaged 8:57
Q&A: Working With Celebrities & More 9:26
PDF of slides from this class 20 pages

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