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  • Title:Marketing to Millennials: How The Trophy Kids Buy Luxury
  • Category:Strategy & ROI
  • Level:Beginner
  • Instructor:Liene Stevens
  • Length:14 min
  • Posted:10/18/2012
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This class was filmed live at engage!12, The Luxury Wedding Business Summit, at the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas.

Millennials grew up in a society where everyone received trophies just for participating, in a time when the Academy Awards stopped saying "and the winner is . . ." and shifted to "and the Oscar goes to . . . ".  As a result Millennials don't care that much about awards, which had been a mainstay of luxury marketing for decades. This is one of the many insights shared in this class by Liene Stevens, one of the sharpest young minds in the events industry.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Learn how the shift in our educational system in the early 1980's toward teamwork impacted Millennials' need for collaborative input.
    2. Understand that unlike Gen-Xers, when Millennials plan their weddings, 65% of grooms want to be involved in most planning elements.
    3. Understand how and why Millennials use social media as it relates to their events.
    4. Hear why Millennials place a great focus on their wedding guests, and how that influences where they're willing to spend money.

Table of Contents

Watch the Full Class Without Chapter Breaks
Marketing to Millennials: How the Trophy Kids Buy Luxury 13:48
Watch the Class in Chapters
Millennials are Team Players 3:32
Distinctive Traits of Gen Y 8:01
The Importance of Process & Heritage 2:39
PDF of slides from this class 8 pages

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