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  • Title:Recruiting & Managing Event Volunteers
  • Category:Planning & Logistics
  • Level:Intermediate
  • Instructor:Milena Santoro
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  • Posted:3/16/2012
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Volunteers are often called the "unpaid staff" in nonprofit organizations. They add time, skills and experience to enhance and supplement the work of paid staff. And you shouldn't overlook the financial importance of volunteer contributions. Even if you valued their work at a minimum wage level, their financial contribution to your organization can be huge. Yet too often volunteers are not properly vetted, trained or managed, resulting in damage to an event and/or an organization's brand.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Define the various reasons people volunteer and how that should influence your thinking.
    2. Identify strategies for properly recruiting and training volunteers.
    3. Identify tactics for reducing volunteer no-shows and walk-offs.
    4. Define effective techniques for managing event volunteers.

Table of Contents


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