Class Library Media Secrets Revealed: How the Pros Get Coverage for Their Events

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  • Title:Media Secrets Revealed: How the Pros Get Coverage for Their Events
  • Category:Business & Sales
  • Level:All
  • Instructor:Howard Givner
  • Length:12 min
  • Posted:6/18/2013
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Join BizBash’s Executive Editor, Anna Sekula for a candid conversation with media professionals regarding how to pitch and engage media at your events. Learn from Editor, Fred Gonzalez why media request a +1 option at your event and how it will help to positively impact the coverage of your work. What can you proactively do to build your brand in the eyes of media? Senior Contributing Editor of Miami Magazine, Riki Altman provides tips on building your portfolio while public relations guru and Principal of Tara, Ink, Nik D’Annunzio explores how to package your story for media consumption and how impressions will ultimately help to determine client budgets.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Explore various ways in which to involve the media at your next event.
    2. Learn how develop opportunities and information for media consumption.
    3. Understand about media impressions and how they are used estimate a ROI for the client.
    4. Take-away tips on working with the media on how increase your chances for coverage.

Table of Contents

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Media Secrets Revealed: How the Pros Get Coverage for Their Events 11:27
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Enhancing Your Events and Brand through Media Coverage 4:32
Creating Critical Moments for Media Consumption 3:00
Quantifying the Dollar Value of Media Impressions 2:50
Tips For Working with the Media 1:34

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