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  • Title:Negotiating With Venues
  • Category:Venues & Destinations
  • Level:Beginner
  • Instructor:Howard Givner
  • Length:68 min
  • Posted:11/3/2010
  • CMP Domain:D: Financial Management
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There are many factors that impact how venues price their rental fees and costs. This class will review a wide range of these factors, such as timing (lead time, day of week, time of year, time of day, etc.); size of your event vs. size of venue; in-house services; food and beverage, etc. We will cover a number of strategies on how to get the best deal possible with venues.

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Learning Outcomes

    1. Understand how time dynamics affects venue pricing.
    2. Be able to leverage the size of your event in venue negotiations.
    3. Understand how to factor in supporting vendor services (e.g. Lighing, A/V, etc.) into your negotiations.
    4. Develop other negotiating tactics with venues.

Table of Contents

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Negotiating With Venues - FULL Class Video 1:08:24
Negotiating With Venues
Understanding Divergent Agendas 11:38
The 2 Most Important Components to Negotiations 9:21
Ways to Increase the Value of Your Business to Venues 10:46
When Should You Disclose Your Budget 4:12
Supply & Demand Basics 6:35
Time Dynamics 7:46
Exceptions to Supply & Demand 2:50
Moving A Held Date 4:55
Size Dynamics 2:22
Factoring In Vendor Costs 5:36
Food & Beverage Tips 3:59
PDF of slides from this class 35 pages

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