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  • Title:How I Pitched a New Event to the C.E.O. – and Pulled it Off
  • Category:Strategy & ROI
  • Level:Beginner
  • Instructor:Howard Givner
  • Length:25 min
  • Posted:12/17/2012
  • CMP Domain:A: Strategic Planning
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Filmed live at the Event Innovation Forum, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC.

Many event planners spend their time implementing other people’s visions. But planners who conceive new programs can prove both their own value to an organization and the value of smart, well-executed events.

Robin Adelson shares how she conceived the Children’s Choice Book Awards Gala as a signature event to cap off Children’s Book Week, pitched it to her board of directors, and worked with her board, staff, and partners to execute the event.

Noelle Provencial explains how she dreamed up the weekend-long ticketed event Camp Groupon, pitched it to Groupon C.E.O. Andrew Mason, and then worked with departments across the company to sell sponsorships, promote the event, and execute it successfully.

Howard Singer describes creating Highline Capital’s first Investor Day as a vehicle to forge deeper relationships with investors and showcase the firm. He explains how he made his case to the firm’s C.E.O. and managed a team of speaker coaches, meeting planners, and other partners to produce an event that delivered strong R.O.I.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Identify tactics for presenting new event ideas to management.
    2. Learn the importance of securing stakeholder support both before, and after, the event is approved.
    3. Understand how, even if a new event is not continued, it can still increase your internal credibility and standing within the organization.

Table of Contents

Watch the Full Class Without Chapter Breaks
How I Pitched A New Event to the C.E.O. — and Pulled It Off 25:25
Watch the Class in Chapters
Panelist Case Studies 9:25
Creative Presentations 2:00
Lining Up Stakeholders 3:38
After the Pitch 3:25
Does Your Event Have Longevity 2:22
How Being Innovative Impacts Your Credibility 1:57
Putting Yourself Out There 3:39

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