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  • Title:Event Planner Pricing: How, & How Much, To Charge
  • Category:Business & Sales
  • Level:Advanced
  • Instructor:Howard Givner
  • Length:62 min
  • Posted:9/14/2010
  • CMP Domain:I: Marketing
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Nobody enters the event industry for their love of math or economics. Planners may be experts at creativity and logistics management, but as a group, they tend to gloss over the subject of how, and how much, to charge for their services. As a result, despite years where they are incredibly busy producing outstanding events, they don’t make nearly as much money as they think they should. Or worse, they lose money. In this class we’ll cover the topic of pricing in great detail, spending time discussing each of the major pricing models planners use, and helping you understand which model is best for you, or for a particular type of client. We’ll then walk you through how to calculate your fees, and how many events you need a year to hit your goals.

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Learning Outcomes

    1. Understand the major pricing methods used by event planners, including the pros and cons of each method, which types of clients they appeal to, and advice for implementing each one.
    2. Recognize the importance of understanding, and explaining to your client, the value you bring to them, which is critical regardless of which method you use.
    3. Have a framework for a step by step way to calculate your fees.
    4. Know the difference between a commission and a kickback, and what to watch out for when accepting commissions.

Table of Contents

Watch the Full Class Without Chapter Breaks
Planner Pricing: Full Class Video 1:01:44
Introduction 1:27
Understanding the Different Pricing Models 4:33
Transparency & Value 3:29
Types of Pricing Models: Pros, Cons & Advice
Flat Fee Pricing Model: Pros, Cons & Advice 5:09
Hourly / Daily Pricing Model: Pros, Cons & Advice 4:23
Cost-Plus & Percentage of Budget Pricing Models: Pros, Cons & Advice 3:01
Markup Pricing Model: Pros, Cons & Advice 8:39
Commissions Pricing Model: Pros, Cons & Advice 9:14
Calculating Your Rates / Prices
Calculating Your Prices for Fee-Based Pricing Models 17:49
Calculating Your Prices for Markups & % of Budget Models 6:07
Videos of Other Planners: How They Charge
Karen Dalzell, CEO of Dalzell Productions 2:33
Andrea Michaels, President of Extraordinary Events 4:35
Colja Dams, President of Vok Dams Agency on Procurement & Pricing 2:07
Colja Dams, President of Vok Dams Agency on Charging For Proposals 3:20
Colin Cowie 5:03
PDF of Slides from this Class 36 pages

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