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  • Title:Career Insights: Sarah Pease and Lauren Sozman
  • Category:Careers
  • Level:All
  • Instructor:Career Insights
  • Length:22:37
  • Posted:3/5/2015
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Sarah Pease owner of Brilliant Events and Lauren Sozman owner of Loli Events talk about their professional backgrounds and how they ended up in the event industry. The pair discuss the importance of branding to build your portfolio, and showcasing your portfolio in a way to get the clients that are best for your business. They also touch on the importance of setting boundaries and communicating properly with clients. Sarah & Lauren talk about characteristics they want in employees and what catches their eye in applicants.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Use branding to build your portfolio, find your niche and show your true style. Only show what you are proud of, even if there isn't a lot of it in the beginning.
    2. The event industry is a collaborative industry, there is a planner for every client, you should use other planners as a resource.
    3. To prevent scope creep create boundaries with clients, don’t be afraid to say no if it is not your job.
    4. New hires need to be friendly, articulate, able to sense of urgency on "game day" and have a make it happen no matter what attitude.

Table of Contents

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Career Insights: Sarah Pease and Lauren Sozman 22:37
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What do you do? How did you get started? 2:33
Tips for building your portfolio 1:33
What would surprise people about what you do? 2:12
Where do you look for inspiration? 3:12
How do you charge? 3:08
How do you prevent "scope creep"? 2:52
What do you look for in new hires? 8:04

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