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  • Title:Working Smarter, Not Harder
  • Category:Business & Sales
  • Level:Beginner
  • Instructor:Tara Guérard
  • Length:23 min
  • Posted:10/17/2012
2.91 out of 5 star rating


This class was filmed live at engage!12, The Luxury Wedding Business Summit at the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas.

The key to growing your event business is to add more clients, right?  Not according to top wedding planner Tara Guérard. Originally doing 30-40 events a year led to burnout and forced her to re-think her approach. In this insightful class, Tara shares her perspective on striving to steadily reduce her client roster (currently down to 8 events a year, and counting), while raising her fees in the process, and focus on what she does best, and what she feels most passionately about.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Learn the importance of establishing a minimum price point and being willing to turn people away who don't meet that minimum.
    2. Get the inside story on what's involved in publishing a book, what the money is like, and how it drives business.
    3. Hear how Tara has successfully extended her brand into several ancillary areas and related businesses.

Table of Contents

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Working Smarter, Not Harder 22:50
Watch the Class in Chapters
Say No In Order to Grow 3:12
Find Focus By Knowing what You Do Best 4:08
How to Customize, Itemize, Charge and Get Notoriety 5:23
Market Your Brand through Product Development 10:37
PDF slides from this class 22 pages

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