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Fueled by the growth of event planning in society and pop culture, event management and related fields (planning meetings, weddings, festivals, conferences, etc.) is one of the fastest growing subject areas in higher education. Despite this, many employers claim that job applicants who've studied event management in college are often unprepared for the demands of today's event planning careers. 

In an effort to explain and bridge this gap, the Event Leadership Institute conducted a survey and series of video interviews with heads of in house event departments, owners of event agencies, and other hiring professionals to identify the skills and personality traits they look for in new hires, and where educators may be falling short in preparing them.

This content was originally presented at the ICHRIE (International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education) annual conference.

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Learning Outcomes

    1. Identify key responsibilities employers commonly assign to entry level staff in the events industry.
    2. Describe skill areas where employers say job applicants are not meeting expectations, and modify your syllabus and teaching style to address the skills gap.
    3. Create ways to simulate the working conditions in today's event industry when you have students planning a mock or real event as part of your course.
    4. Identify the most common software and programs employers use, in order to better prepare students for the workforce.

Table of Contents

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Teaching Event Management - FULL 32:54
Teaching Event Management: The Skills Today's Employers Look For
Overview 2:51
Soft Skills 12:31
Hard Skills 13:02
Additional Areas 5:11
Slides From This Class 27 pages

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