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  • Title:The Psychology of Events
  • Category:Strategy & ROI
  • Level:Advanced
  • Instructor:Kevin White, CSEP
  • Length:62 min
  • Posted:5/9/2012
  • CMP Domain:A: Strategic Planning
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Other industries utilize sophisticated psychological analysis to make their marketing efforts more impactful. Yet the events industry continues to lag in bringing that discipline and strategic viewpoint to events as marketing vehicles. Using a company's corporate colors. Hosting an event outdoors. Honoring a recipient using live testimonials. Adding surprises to an experience. Each of these has certain considerations to take into account - budget, logistics etc. But how often are the psychological effects of our event design choices taken into consideration? This presentation will explore the human mind, the various needs we as human beings have, and how through event design we can achieve the greatest impact on guests.

NOTE: This class is part of a larger, live presentation that Kevin has developed. If you are interested in having him speak to your audience please contact him directly.

Learning Outcomes

    1. Better understand how people process and value forms of communication.
    2. Methods to impact how a guest thinks and feels during an event.
    3. Discover what motivates people to act/transform.

Table of Contents

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The Psychology of Events | Full Video 1:02:00
The Psychology of Events
Parameters 8:12
Utilizing Non-Verbal Communication to Manipulate Mood 14:00
Leveraging Human Needs 6:19
The Feedback Loop 6:21
Tapping the Sense of Smell 3:36
Taste 2:44
Sight 9:40
The Next Frontier 4:17
Wrap Up 3:26

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