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Listen in as IMG Fashion’s Executive Producer Christina Neault describes what it takes to produce New York’s largest media event: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Ms. Neault discusses the design and layout of Fashion Week, what it takes to manage over 500 employees for a span of 8 days, and the event-specific considerations unique to the show. Plus hear exclusive behind-the-scenes Fashion Week War Stories!

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the Fashion Week team and how they produce 250+ designer runway shows per year
  • Learn Christina’s management style and what it’s like to work Fashion Week
  • Understand the importance of customer service in the events industry
  • Hear what Christina looks for in a new-hire
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Course Information

Estimated Time: 17 mins

Level: All

CMP Credit Hours:

Course Instructors

Maverick Series

The Event Leadership Institute is proud to produce our exclusive Maverick Series: interviews with people who plan the biggest and most high-profile events, run the most well respected and award-winning companies, manage the biggest venues, and demonstrate thought leadership, innovation and creative thinking. Join us as these industry Mavericks share their stories, insights and guidance.

Christina Neault

Christina Neault brings 20 years of international experience, a deep roster of contacts and solid credibility to the table. She is a fashion industry leader, having served as the Executive Producer of Fashion Week in NYC, LA and Miami. She was a highly sought-after consultant for fashion weeks in Berlin, Mexico City, Mumbai, Seoul, and Toronto. She has also consulted and produced events for national broadcast networks and some of the world’s most renowned designers.

As a consultant, Christina produced events, television segments and galas that capitalized on her unique ability to integrate commerce and creative with style. Her client list included Cotton Inc., NFL, The View, The Today Show and QVC. She is currently working with clients on event concept, development and execution, full logistical management, as well as serving as the fashion programming consultant at Pier59 Studios.