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Experienced event designer Lindsay Landman shares her detailed tricks-of-the-trade for making small events work in large spaces. Whether it is a meeting, cocktail party or wedding, smart use of the materials and service already at your disposal can instantly transform a venue from empty to intimate.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to use innovative floor planning to create intimacy in large spaces without using additional objects.
  • Understand how the use of event lighting can establish visual boundaries within a space.
  • Explore clever furniture and fixture layouts to utilize excess space with practical (not just decorative) materials.
  • Use creative placement of event services (music, entertainment, etc.) to use excess space interactively.
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Course Information

Estimated Time: 51 mins

Level: All

CMP Credit Hours:

Instructor: Lindsay Landman

Course Instructor

Lindsay Landman

New York-based event designer Lindsay Landman has been producing innovative weddings and special events across the globe since 2001. Her company, Lindsay Landman Events, has been a market leader in the unique integration of event planning, design and production, initiated by Lindsay's trademark focus on the intersection of beauty and brains, form and function.

Lindsay is a go-to media resource, providing insight on weddings, design, etiquette and entertaining for dozens of publications including New York Magazine, Brides, The Knot, Inside Weddings and BizBash, as well as television outlets such as the Style Network and ABC-TV. She flexes her writing muscles regularly as a contributor for the and as well as on the Lindsay Landman Events blog.