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Nobody enters the event industry for their love of math. Planners may be experts at creativity and logistics management, but as a group, they tend to gloss over the subject of how, and how much, to charge for their services. As a result, despite years where they are incredibly busy producing outstanding events, they don’t make nearly as much money as they think they should. Or worse, they lose money.

In this class we’ll cover the topic of pricing in great detail, spending time discussing each of the major pricing models planners use, and helping you understand which model is best for you, or for a particular type of client. We’ll then walk you through how to calculate your fees, and how many events you need a year to hit your goals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the major pricing methods used by event planners, including the pros and cons of each method, which types of clients they appeal to, and advice for implementing each one.
  • Recognize the importance of understanding, and explaining to your client, the value you bring to them, which is critical regardless of which method you use.
  • Have a framework for a step by step way to calculate your fees.
  • Know the difference between a commission and a kickback, and what to watch out for when accepting commissions.
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Course Information

Estimated Time: 62 mins

Level: Advanced

CMP Credit Hours:

Instructor: Howard Givner

Course Instructor

Howard Givner

With over 20 years of industry experience, Howard Givner is a widely recognized expert and innovator in the field of events, business growth strategy, technology and education.

  • Educator & Thought Leader
    Howard is the Founder and Executive Director of the Event Leadership Institute (which launched in April 2011), provider of best-in-class training and education for the events industry, through online, on-demand video classes, interviews with industry leaders, white papers, webinars and live events.
  • Event Agency Owner
    He is the founder of Paint The Town Red, Inc., and the former CEO of North America for Global Events Group, the 13th largest event agency in the world, which acquired Paint The Town Red in 2008. During his tenure the company won over 30 industry awards.
  • Industry Leader & Expert
    Howard is a Past President of the ILEA (International Live Events Association) NY Metro Chapter; has served on the board of directors of MPI (Meeting Professionals International) Greater NY Chapter as VP of Education; is a member of the BizBash NY Advisory Board; has served on the Advisory Board of Special Events Magazine; been a judge of the Gala Awards & HSMAI’s Adrian Awards. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on a wide range of topics. He has been profiled in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, National Public Radio, ABC News, The Apprentice, and USA Today, in addition to numerous trade media.
  • Consultant
    Howard is a consultant to companies in the hospitality, meetings and event industry, specializing in strategic planning, sales growth, management, and mergers & acquisitions, and selectively consults with business owners on a limited number of engagements.
  • App Developer
    Howard is the creator of the SuperPlanner Mobile App, winner of the 2010 BizBash Event Style Award for Most Innovative New Product, and the 2011 Special Events Magazine Gala Award for Best New Product / Service.