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Ambassador Marshall will discuss how the State Department uses what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls “smart power” to enhance diplomatic efforts. Working with a Secretary of State who believes in the power of events on a global stage, Marshall has used them as a key tool in creating connections and bonds between people and cultures. She has also introduced innovative new programs, including the first international conference for global chiefs of protocol, and the lessons from her work at the White House and the State Department can translate to boardrooms and marketing plans.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how the White House and the State Department utilize special events as strategic vehicles.
  • Hear about new initiatives Capricia is working on to bring together protocol professionals.
  • Learn what’s involved in producing events for the President of the United States.
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Course Information

Estimated Time: 18 mins

Level: Intermediate

CMP Credit Hours:

Instructor: Capricia Marshall

Course Instructor

Capricia Marshall

Ambassador Marshall leads the State Department’s Office of Protocol in its mission to advance the foreign policy of the Obama Administration by creating and fostering an environment for successful diplomacy. As the first hand that welcomes kings, queens, presidents, and prime ministers to the U.S., Ambassador Marshall serves on the front lines of diplomatic engagement building bridges and fostering understanding between people and governments. Marshall oversees the work of the six divisions—visits, ceremonials, diplomatic affairs, diplomatic partnerships, Blair House, and management— in setting the stage for diplomacy and ensuring that international protocol is executed. She serves as the primary liaison for visiting dignitaries meeting with the president, vice president, secretary of state, and other administration officials, and manages and executes protocol arrangements for presidential travel abroad. Marshall also worked in the White House during the Clinton administration: from 1993 to 1997, she served as special assistant to the first lady, and in 1997, she was appointed deputy assistant to the president and social secretary to the White House.