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Haley Carlson oversees the event and sponsorship departments for the Tribune Media Group, a media conglomerate with newspapers, tv stations and internet properties around the country, one of which is the Printers’ Row Lit Fest, Chicago’s largest outdoor festival.

Filmed on location at Gotham Hall, NYC.

Learning Outcomes

  • Hear how she describes the transition from working at an event agency to working in-house at Tribune.
  • Learn why she welcomed the opportunity to take on responsibility for sponsorships, and why overseeing a revenue generating area can help with job security.
  • Hear how she manages her team, what she looks for in new hires, and how she blows off steam after an event.
  • Learn why she decided to re-name & re-brand her largest event.
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Course Information

Estimated Time: 30 mins

Level: Advanced

CMP Credit Hours:

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Haley Carlson

Haley Carlson is the former Director of National Events and Sponsorships for Tribune Publishing. She has a strong background in producing unique experiences for audiences of all shapes and sizes.