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Volunteers serve a wide range of functions at many events. They greet, wrangle speakers and other VIPs, stuff gift bags, direct crowd flow as human signage, monitor rooms for conferences, check in attendees, and otherwise assist planners in a variety of tasks. In fact, for many events, they provide the backbone of support in executing the logistics of the program.

Given how much events rely on volunteers, it can be surprising to learn how little effort is often made in properly sourcing, vetting, and training them. This white paper will provide a spectrum of best practices for recruiting, motivating, training and managing event volunteers to help insure they are properly used in service of the event.

*NOTE: Special thanks to Eventbrite for sponsoring this white paper in order to make it available for free.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the various reasons why people volunteer, and understand how that should influence your thinking.
  • Identify strategies for reducing no-shows and walk-offs with your event volunteers
  • Illustrate the proper strategic view of volunteers as brand ambassadors and how to implement that philosophy in your volunteer training.
  • Identify unique challenges and benefits of utilizing volunteers at events, as compared to regular office settings.
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Course Information

Estimated Time: 26 pages

Level: Intermediate

Instructor: Howard Givner

Course Instructor

Howard Givner

With over 20 years of industry experience, Howard Givner is a widely recognized expert and innovator in the field of events, business growth strategy, technology and education.

  • Educator & Thought Leader
    Howard is the Founder and Executive Director of the Event Leadership Institute (which launched in April 2011), provider of best-in-class training and education for the events industry, through online, on-demand video classes, interviews with industry leaders, white papers, webinars and live events.
  • Event Agency Owner
    He is the founder of Paint The Town Red, Inc., and the former CEO of North America for Global Events Group, the 13th largest event agency in the world, which acquired Paint The Town Red in 2008. During his tenure the company won over 30 industry awards.
  • Industry Leader & Expert
    Howard is a Past President of the ILEA (International Live Events Association) NY Metro Chapter; has served on the board of directors of MPI (Meeting Professionals International) Greater NY Chapter as VP of Education; is a member of the BizBash NY Advisory Board; has served on the Advisory Board of Special Events Magazine; been a judge of the Gala Awards & HSMAI’s Adrian Awards. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on a wide range of topics. He has been profiled in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, National Public Radio, ABC News, The Apprentice, and USA Today, in addition to numerous trade media.
  • Consultant
    Howard is a consultant to companies in the hospitality, meetings and event industry, specializing in strategic planning, sales growth, management, and mergers & acquisitions, and selectively consults with business owners on a limited number of engagements.
  • App Developer
    Howard is the creator of the SuperPlanner Mobile App, winner of the 2010 BizBash Event Style Award for Most Innovative New Product, and the 2011 Special Events Magazine Gala Award for Best New Product / Service.