Digital Credentials for Event Planning


What Is It?
What's The Benefit?
Who Recognizes An E.L.I. Credential?
What Types of Credentials Does E.L.I. Issue?
How to Access & Share Your Credentials?

What Is It?

Digital credentials/certification, also known as open badges, are the newest way for event professionals to share their achievements and skills in the marketplace. You can share your credential on your email signature, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, website, blog or other platform.  Anyone who views it may click on it and be brought to a customized, individual verification page, which confirms who the credential was issued to, when it was issued, what was involved in earning it, and what it qualifies the earner to do.  Click to see what E.L.I.'s Digital Credential Verification Page looks like.


Event Planning Certification


What's the Benefit?


Unlike traditional certifications or degrees, a digital credential gives a potential employer, client or colleague the ability to instantly see what you had to do to earn it, what coursework it covered and what it qualifies you to do, simply by clicking on your credential. It also provides secure verification so the viewer can confirm that you did in fact earn it, and when you earned it.  By providing this level of detail and verification, employers and clients can accurately determine if your qualifications are the right match for their project or job.

Who Recognizes An E.L.I. Credential?

A broad and growing list of influential employers support our digital credential initiative, and indeed many have been instrumental in guiding us on the types of skills they want to see potential employees and vendors master. They know the quality of our educational content and trust in our ability to deliver key skills to today's professionals. A list of specific companies will be displayed shortly.

What Types of Credentials Does The Event Leadership Institute Issue?

The Event Leadership Institute issues digital credentials for some of our Professional Development courses, once a participant has completed the course and passed a final exam. Currently credentials are offered in the following courses:

How to Access & Share A Credential

If you've earned a credential, review the steps below to access the digital file and share your achievements on various social media platforms, via your personal email signature or website.

STEP 1:  Click here to learn how to access your digital credential and manage the viewing properties.

STEP 2:  Click here to share your credential via your "newsfeed" on social media networks.

STEP 3:  Click here to permanently add a credential to your LinkedIn user profile under the "Certification" section.

STEP 4:  Click here for instruction on how to include your credential within your email signature.

STEP 5:  Click here to learn how to post your credential on a website or blog.


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