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Questions to Ask When Evaluating An Outdoor Event Site

Depending on where you live in the world, doing an event outdoors vs. indoors can seem like an easy call. Weather, cost, and time to build out an outdoor space can threaten the success of an event, however beautiful environments and the natural air can provide an incredible and unique experience for guests.

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3 Key Components of Experience Design

There’s a clear distinction between designing an event experience, versus planning an event. Experience design applies experiential properties and principals to the event design, while event planning is the organization of event elements to fulfill a set of goals.

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Diversity and Accessibility – the Coefficients of Inclusion

As Event Leaders it is on us to ensure that any person attending an event will have the same experience and this means as event designers we must think deeply about the symbiotic relationship between diversity, accessibility and inclusivity in order for all attendees to feel valued, respected and most of all…

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Be a Networking Superhero

Many of us dread networking and feel queezy at the thought of entering a room and making so-called “small talk” with strangers. What if instead you entered the room thinking about making new connections with like-minded individuals that will help you grow your professional network.

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Golden Nuggets – The Hidden Value of Professional Development

So much like mining for precious stones and mineral, conference experiences are defined by the golden nuggets we forage. It might be that one connection made unexpectedly during a coffee-break, a speaker that inspires one golden idea, or even an event set up we experience in a session that will make a difference in the work we do.

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When Life Gives You Lemons

When life serves you up a lemon we don’t need to pucker up and take the sour! In the world of event management, anticipating the unexpected and being prepared is crucial to our success.

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Sales is Not a Title

Even if the word “sales” is not in your professional title, as event professionals we are always selling. Here are a few tips to help you, the Event Leader, and your organization adopt a “salesitude”.

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More Than Just Fancy Acronyms!

As an Event Leader, becoming a member of a professional association related to the meetings and events industry is an important step for your career. It allows you to network with fellow industry leaders, and to grow professionally in that network. But just joining and waiting for an email or call isn’t enough…you have to drink the proverbial “kool-aid” to become fully engaged.

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The Leadership Teeter Totter – Perception Deception

In today’s world, Leadership is no easy task. As leaders in the events industry we have all had our leadership style analyzed, our strengths and weaknesses identified, and have taken a barrage of courses on how to work with different generations, cultures, and to deal with diversity in the workplace.

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The Event Leaders Guide to Holiday Season Survival

Managing your stress and anxiety leading up to and during the holiday season can be challenging.  Take a proactive approach to managing your stress and anxiety by using many of your skills you use every day in your role as an event leader:

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Camera Riser | Tech Thursdays Videos

In this week’s Tech Thursday, Michael Granek, President & COO of ELI, and Kevin from Clark’s AV answer the question “What is a camera riser?”. Kevin shares what the difference is between a regular riser or stage deck vs. a camera riser, and why you need one when having a camera at your event.

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Tech Thursdays: Snake

In this week’s Tech Thursday, Michael Granek, President & COO of ELI, and Kevin from Clark’s AV answer the question “what is a snake?”. Kevin shares what snakes are used for, the cost benefits of using snakes, and more.

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